EVENT TWO was a one day career workshop. A communique was issued at the end of the event as follows:


Communique of the Eureka Capacity Development Foundation Capacity Development Workshop, Lessons From the Top: Career Development For Young Professionals Held On 28th May 2009 At Rock View Hotels, Abuja.


Eureka Capacity Development Foundation (RC: 26054) is a registered, not-for-profit Non-governemntal organisation that seeks to enhance the development of youth leaders, build their mental and organisational capacity and strengthen the ideals of good governance and eradication of corruption in the younger generation of African leadership.

In line with our goals, in 2009, we organised career development workshop which was to address the challenges of career development for young professionals. Participants were drawn from all the states of the federation. They fall into the following three groups:

  1. people who are just starting out in their chosen career and needed to know what to do to get there in record time
  2. people who had reached the “plateau” of their career growth and needed to know how to kick-start their careers to the heights they once dreamed of
  3. People who needed to change their careers and wanted to know what it takes to make it in the new career.

The participants listened to notable speakers of repute from various industries and lines of businesses. Participants attended a number of workshop sessions and interactions on important areas of career development which were facilitated by highly qualified resource persons. The various areas of career development considered were: Business development, Healthcare, Law, Information Technology, International Development and Diplomacy, Oil and Gas and Education.


At the end of the one-day workshop, the participants resolved as follows:

  1. That the objectives of Eureka Capacity Development Foundation are laudable and should attract support from the government, the private sector and other unilateral and multilateral organisations.
  2. Nigerian youths should embrace the challenge of building an enviable future by charting a career path and pursuing the same with passion and vigour
  3. Regardless of the line of business, enormous opportunities abound in various industries and sectors
  4. Establishing and maintaining relevant, industry-specific business contacts will be of immense value in identifying opportunities.

The participants expressed gratitude to the partners who contributed to the success of the workshop.

Dr Okebukola Oluseyi
Project Head for all participants

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